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A magnificent space with high ceilings and walls steeped in craft and know-how, where each corner oozes art and good taste, the place that lovers of leather goods dream of, it is The BAG Lab.

An artisan workshop for the design and manufacture of leather bags and complements which opened its doors more than 50 years ago in the city of San Sebastian.

A family business, where its creators have known how to evolve over time while remaining true to their brand values, creating a style of their own.

Quality, rigour, attention to detail and timelessness are the characteristics of the house which encouraged firms like Pertegaz to trust in our know-how and commission this SAN SEBASTIAN WORKSHOP with their bag collections.

The Bag Lab opens its doors to the city and undertakes different activities:

  1. Bag Masterclass given by Edurne Insa, the creative director of the company.
  2. Talks, discussions and debates with professionals in the sector.
  3. Markets with local and international firms.
  4. Designers meeting point.


Leather remnants, stitching and sewing machines, a family business that started in the 1950’s, first as manufacturers of beach bags and turbans which they sold to the best perfumeries at the time and later in a small workshop where they designed and manufactured the collections.

Its creators, characterised by their adventurous entrepreneurial spirit, true to their principles of quality and rigour, have known how to position their articles valued today throughout the world.



Bags, toilet bags, leather articles...
Our collections are distinguished for their timeless style, careful manufacture and use of noble materials.



For more than 40 years the firm Pertegaz has trusted in our know-how for the design and manufacture of their bags and leather products.

Private Label

Part of our artisan production includes custom manufacturing for
other firms that depend on our professionalism and know-how.